Voice Work

Matt is a friendly, hard working and efficient actor with a versatile voice.

He has the ability to adapt the tone of his voice and find the perfect variation to suit your requirements.

He has recently worked with Guy Michaels at Round Island to create the perfect reel to best convey his range.

The timbre of his voice is naturally rich and has clarity. Ranging from warm, empathetic and luxurious to charismatic, informed and authorative.

He has his own professional studio with which he can record and edit material.

Matt's Podcast

Pop over to Matt Ian Kelly's new website devoted to his podcast A Beginner's Guide to a 40 Something Gay Man.

The podcast takes a  look at the world from the gay forty something perspective. Chewing the cud with guests from around the world of LGBTQ - From allies to activists - from Drag to comedy and back. Eclectic, ridiculous, honest and real. 


Previous credits

Mr Unwanted  (Spoken word / Performance poetry) 'Mr Unwanted' - Tin Roof.

Charles Dickens (documentary) 'The Fallen Woman' - The Derek Jarman Lab

The Slarvian Emperor (audiobook) 'The Tomorrow People - Big Finish

The Slarvian Menace' - Big Finish

First Ordinary Selvynkesh (audiobook) 'Movers' - BBV

First Ordinary Selvynkesh (audiobook) 'A Labyrinth Of Histories' - BBV

Showreels and extracts

Listen to Matt's corporate and commercial voice over show reels:

Corporate showreel
Commercial showreel

Charles Dickens (documentary) 'The Fallen Woman' - The Derek Jarman Lab



Visit Matt's podcast website and be enlightened by listening to  A Beginner's Guide to a 40 Something Gay Man



Read glowing praise about Matt's acting and read impressive reviews of the productions he's starred in



Watch Matt go pop, a trailer for the Terrible Infants and him buckling his swash and singing a song set on the high-seas

Contact Matt

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